Who we are

Pavitech Computers is one of the best IT solution providers. We believe we are the number one provider of state-of-the-art IT solutions both locally and internationally. Moreover, Operating in various local markets, Pavitech Computers has gained extensive experience which combines the know-how from different problem domains.This synergy of competence provides added value and excellent quality products for our customers. Our mutual relations are always based on partnership, trust and understanding. We have developed a broad portfolio of products, allowing for good revenue diversification. As a result, we enjoy a solid financial position and are ready to carry out the most complex and demanding projects. By investing substantial funds in research and development, we continue to improve and upgrade all of our information technologies.

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Network Design

Pavitech Computers Network designers ensure that communications networks can adjust and scale to the demands for new services. To support network-based economy, Pavitech Computers work to create networks that are available nearly 100 percent of the time. We design Information network security to automatically fend off unexpected security incidents. Using hierarchical network design principles and an organized design methodology, Pavitech Computers create networks that are both manageable and supportable.

Maintenance & Support Services

We do repair, servicing and maintenance of computers and offer support and training of new systems. Our team adheres to Meantime between failure (NTBF) meantime the repair maintenance policy on potential problems preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance. Pavitech Computers uses fundamental Trouble Shooting Procedures i.e. Fault location, Fault finding aids, Service Manuals, Test and measuring instruments and Special tools. Hardware and Software Faults trouble shooting techniques used by alphiT Solution are Split half method, Divergent, convergent and feedback path circuits, analysis measured techniques to identify faults.

System Development

Organizations rely heavily on their information systems. They operate in a changing, highly competitive environment, and their information systems must respond to, or anticipate, those changes. The process of modifying existing systems, or acquiring or developing new ones, is an important aspect of Pavitech Computers Information Systems. Pavitech Computers first, identifies business problems or opportunities, analyze, and translate them into new business objectives. We develop, implement, maintained and review system based on the organizational need.

Latest Work

Process Walkthrough

Pavitech Computers involves its clients on the day to day actualization of their business need, we walk together to accomplish the organisational needs.

24/7 support

Pavitech Computers offers online support services which is available anytime. We are a phone call a way! .


Pavitech Computers assist you acquire the best IT solutions by offering you indepth knowledge on software and Information Technology. We are availble to assist you acquire the best IT solution which fits well to your organisation.

Customization Service

Pavitech Computers provide your organisation with customized solutions which best fit your organisation.

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About Us

Vision & Mission


A different way to work, interact and manage through IT solutions


To build a trustworthy and profitable International IT company providing our customers with high quality IT solutions.

Strategy & Mission

To build a trustworthy and profitable International IT company providing our customers with high quality IT solutions.

Objectives of the Company

  1. Become established as the leading IT solution provider in the region.
  2. Company growth and increased profitability.
  3. Build awareness of IT solutions

Professional Success

Professional success is strongly related to developing unique competences:

  1. focus on quality
  2. customer-first orientation
  3. innovativeness
  4. teamwork
  5. openness to changes
  6. results-based orientation

Dedicated Staff

Here is our able team


IS Specialist

Majored in Business Information Systems. He has developed several IT Solutions which meets diverse organisational needs.


Marketing &Administration

Majored in Business Administration. She has diverse experience in marketing.


Network Dessigner

Majored in IT. He is CCNA Certified and has been developing scalable organisational networks and software solutions.


Operations Manager

He is a specialist in Operations Management.

Keeping calm and quiet is not necessarily pushing the world forward. And here comes the opposite attitude. #Technology brings the excitement, helps look into the future, and make us brave enough to try to shape it.

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